General FAQ

What is MatrixSEO?


MatrixSEO is a small plugin aiming to improve the SEO of every page in a website, based on a automated process. We analyze when Google(TM) crawls your site and also when visitors reach your site pages coming from search engine results pages (SERP).

What are the requirements for using MatrixSEO?


Just a WordPress site.

Does MatrixSEO work with sites that don’t use WordPress?


Not yet. However, in the near future, we plan to add e-commerce platforms.

Can I use MatrixSEO on


No. have a limited number of plugins available.

How do MatrixSEO updates work?


MatrixSEO analyze when Google(TM) is crawling your website and when visitors arrive to your site pages coming from search engine results page. Then the information is being sent to our API with keywords from page being visited. We analyze the keywords globally and based on cumulative data we pick couple keywords (based on existing title length and other metrics). In the future, we will allow the AI, on a larger scale, to detect patterns (for instance, trigrams of keywords) for better results.

Is this considered SEO 3D ?

Not yet. We are doing SEO 3D by listening to requests and improve the optimizations. But we will add a new layer allowing everyone to do the same thing, even much easier.

Now, can we, MatrixSEO, ask you a riddle ?

Did you knew that a title has a title ? (answer hidden).

It looks like this: <title title=”Extra title”>Public title</title>

It is referenced here in this form:
“The <title> tag also supports the Global Attributes in HTML.”